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Hello everyone!!! I'm going to get a little more serious with you guys in this post. Obesity is a big problem in the USA and I want to try to give back to the community with my photography. This post will help motivate you and teach you how to stay healthy and fit. You won't need to pay for health care if you just pay really really close attention to this blog. I know you all will learn a lot and that makes me feel good. ENJOY!!

Here's a Food Pyramid for you all to study:

This is a perfect example of what ALL Americans should look like. I think Europeans already look like this from what I've seen on TV. After reading this post you will find it very easy to maintain the body this beautiful woman has. Guys need something very similar but maybe smaller breasts.

You need lots of fruits in your daily diet. They provide lots of vitamins. This is an extraordinary photograph I took. I would save this if I were you.

Eat lots and lots of vegetables!!!!

BREAD. LOTS OF BREAD!! I would stick to French Bread. It's what I primarily eat.

Nothing is betta than feta. Get that dairy into your daily eating routine. I would suggest putting feta on some salad or your pasta. GREAT STUFF!

You need some meat in that diet of yours. Great source of protein! mmMmMm

Of course you need your daily fats and sugars. These look like good donuts! *insert Homer Simpson sound clip*

I think eating Taco Bell daily is probably good for you.

Here's an extremely health conscious fit woman putting in her daily exercise. We could learn a lot from her. Especially if we want to live to be 120 years old like her.

This lady it taking advantage of social interactions during her intense work out:


I think you might need a lot of these acai berries.

You have to get in your whey protein if you want to build some muscle mass. This is a good product.

I take this:

These have omega-3 fatty acids. Seems good for you. (avocado)

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers. They can really make your day 100x better!!! So pretty!

Last but not least... BIG GULP! Drink A LOT of these!

I hope you took some notes and maybe saved a few shots. Health & Fitness are so vital to life. I know I forgot to mention to drink water. That's because Big Gulp has water in it. Stay healthy everyone!!!! <33333333333

-The Professional Photographer ( Travis McFarland :)